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The Covid 19 pandemic has changed how outpatient care practices are delivered, dramatically.  To reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to patients or health care workers within our practice, our providers are deferring all office visits to telemedicine through our doxy link, DOXY.ME/KHETPALS, which will be provided to the patient when an appointment is made.  Doing the telemedicine also helps our patients avoid leaving their homes and risking exposure outside their own home.  Influencing provider and patient care is also evolving with state and local recommendations, such as restricting travel and non essential services.


Knowing what impact Covid 19 is having on office visits helps us to address several ongoing questions:

     What is the clinical impact of the pandemic and are people who need more health care willing to do the 

     telemedicine with the providers?

     Are new policies encouraging greater use of telemedicine?

     Also what is the economic impact of the pandemic on health care practices?


At The heart and Medical Center we are here to help our patients in every way possible so please give us a call and let us provide excellent care for you and your family.  Have a Blessed New Year







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